Stüssy 35th IST Varsity Jacket

The International Stüssy Tribe Gatherings date back to 1991 in Tokyo, and marks the coming together and global meeting of personalities who form the Tribe and drive the subcultures that surround Stüssy.

The Tribe has gained a legendary reverence worldwide from the community that look up to its members and the events thrown. The Tribe has gathered in Tokyo three times over Stüssy’s 35-year history; the original 1991 “Gold Party”, again in 2003 and for the 25th anniversary in 2005 in Ageha. In November the Tribe gathered again to celebrate the 35th anniversary in Tokyo. Bringing together the new wave of Tribe members alongside the OG’s, the Gathering included a party hosted by the Tribe at Sound Museum Vision.

Recognizing the Tribe around the world, Stüssy is releasing a special 35th Anniversary IST Varsity Jacket with custom embroidery for each of the Chapter locations including Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Tel Aviv, Guam, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Seoul, Kuala Lampur, Madrid, Milan and Taipei. The jacket construction consists of a wool body with leather sleeves.




Photography and videography by:
Liam MacRae