Stüssy Nike Air Max 95



Both Stüssy and the Nike Air Max 95 celebrate anniversaries this year. With their roots originally in performance, both entities have since been adopted by different subcultures around the world over the past decades, especially within underground music scenes in New York and London. The collaboration features Stüssy’s contemporary sportswear aesthetic combined with Nike’s iconic design, while nodding to the first collaboration between the brands in 2000 by updating the the shoe with a neoprene tongue.
StussyNike - 2
StussyNike - 3
StussyNike - 4
StussyNike - 5
StussyNike - 6
StussyNike - 7
StussyNike - 8
StussyNike - 9
StussyNike - 0

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