Stüssy & i-D

01 / 19 / 2021

Nearly forty years ago on different continents thousands of miles away, Stüssy and i-D opened up shop in Laguna and London, respectfully. And then went on change youth culture globally. Both were doing something that had not been done before, and both were doing it for themselves with a new energy, integrity and vision that’s since inspired countless brands and titles over the years, and yet Stüssy and i-D are standing firm. It didn’t take many years for the two creative forces to bridge the map from California to the UK, connecting a small community of global pioneers which resulted in numerous editorials in the pages of i-D and a handful of collaborative items over the decades.

This summer Stüssy and i-D have created their biggest collaborative project to date, including three t-shirts and two hoodies with new graphics printed on Stüssy’s pigment washed garments. The designs nod back to the DIY days of the 80s and 90s that the brands share while, as always, making something for themselves to wear today.

The Stüssy / i-D collection is available now at Stüssy Chapter Stores, all Dover Street Market locations, and through i-D and their select retailers, and on