Stüssy Summer 22' Eyegear

07 / 07 / 2022

For 2022, Stüssy has updated it’s range of eyewear threefold. Made in Japan, the three silhouettes - Penn, Owen & Eric - come in a variety of vibrant and understated combinations.
Stüssy’s 2022 Eyegear program is available now worldwide.

    Photography: Antosh Cimoszko
    Models: Cheyann, Brian


    Stüssy’s eyegear program kicked off in the late 80s, with inaugural portraits of friends and family in classic silhouettes captured by iconic Stüssy photographer Ron Leighton. As the program continues to develop, the modern eyegear campaign works to archive the next generation of the IST with portraits captured in Southern California by Antosh Cimoszko.

    Past Models: Courtney, Hank, Ty, Rita, Stephon, Yeaji, Don, Hugo